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Housing Development

The ABCD, Inc. sponsors the following housing developments: Helping to provide affordable housing to moderate income families , The ABCD Inc. has developed apartments, single family and condominium homes. Along with providing new housing for families, our developments also help to revitalize older neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program - ABCD has contracts with the cities of Canton and Massillon and Stark County to purchase ,renovate and sell homes which have been foreclosed.

Bradley Place - The ABCD, Inc. in partnership with the NRP Group were awarded Tax Credits by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, which enabled the construction of this complex in downtown Massillon. The 52 unit complex (all 2 bedrooms) is named after Ben Bradley, a former Massillon football star who's activities included: President of the Massillon Tigers Booster Club, President of the Massillon Parks and Recreation Board, Chairman of the Board of the Stark County Community Action Agency and President of the Board of Lighthouse Visions to name a few. Financing was provided by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency; the Ohio Department of Development; the Stark County Board of Commissioners; the City of Massillon and Key Bank. Special thanks to Mayor Francis H. Cicchinelli Jr., Massillon City Council, Community Development Director, Aane Aaby, and former Housing Director, Marilyn Frazier.

Orchard Grove Apartments - a 24 unit complex in Alliance, Ohio for people who derive the majority of their income from farm labor. These are the first such units constructed in Ohio.

The ABCD, Inc. Homes - The ABCD, Inc. has constructed 30 new houses and renovated 10 primarily in the northeast section of Canton. The houses, financed primarily by tax credits, are designed to blend in with the neighborhood and serve as a basis for revitalization and stabilization of the respective neighborhoods.

The ABCD, Inc. Homes II - Includes 35 new units and 3 renovated units.

Cherry Homes - a 30 unit 4 bedroom scattered site development.

Gateway Place - a 29 unit 4 bedroom scattered site development primarily in the Southeast.

Massillon Homes I - a 50 unit complex financed primarily by tax credits whereby The ABCD, Inc. serves as a Development Consultant.

Massillon Homes II - a 30 unit complex.

Queen Esther's Estates - is composed of 33 Cottages for the elderly in Southeast Canton, Ohio and completed in 2008.

Wilson Pointe - a 40 unit, three story complex for the elderly in Canton, Ohio located at 6th. Street NW and McKinley Ave. Wilson Pointe Elderly complex is named after Dr. Doris Wilson who served as former Chairperson of The ABCD, Inc. Board of Directors.

Brewster Homes - is a partnership between The ABCD, Inc., Zephyr Homes and the Stark county Regional Planning Commission to sponsor the construction of 8 new homes in the City of Brewster, Ohio in 2008 and 2009.

The City of Canton Initiative - is a 6 unit development.
The ABCD, Inc. is certified as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHODO) by the state, county and city governments. Funds received from the various entities help to acquire and renovate houses and sell them to first time homeowners. Plans include targeting houses which are in close proximity to the previous mentioned developments.

The ABCD, Inc. serves as a "Community Organizer" and works with such neighborhood groups as the Gateway Association, Concerned Citizens for the 4th. Ward, Southwest Association of Neighbors and the Cherry Avenue Neighborhood Development Organization to enable them to bring about improvements in their respective neighborhoods. ABCD serves as the Fiscal Sponsor for (9) Neighborhood groups throughout Stark County.

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Transportation - ABCD Dial-a-Ride

Since 1978, The ABCD, Inc. Dial-A-Ride has been providing transportation services for the elderly, handicapped and low income people. With a daily rider ship average of 250 people, The ABCD, Inc. offers both fixed route and on demand door to door service.

We offer door to door service to the elderly through our Title III contract with the Area Agency on Aging, 10B, Inc. Drivers are available to help assist seniors getting in and out of our vehicles, as well as being responsive to individuals needs and their unique pickup and drop-off times. The ABCD, Inc. Dial-A-Ride is also an integral part of the PASSPORT program whose aim is to keep seniors in their homes longer. By providing them with transportation, they are able to get out and do essential tasks such as shopping and making necessary medical appointments.

During 2013, The ABCD, Inc. was awarded a three year contact to transport people to receive Dialysis Treatment; medical care resulting from the treatments and trips to Cleveland for SSI disability appeals. This contract was renewed another three years. The service has increased to more than 2,000 trips per month with 25% being outside the County.

The ABCD, Inc. also contracts with the Jobs Access Reverse Commuters Program (JARC), helping ex-offenders with transportation to job sites, which is vital to their re-entry into the community.

Other transportation programs include contracts with colleges, hotels, churches, day care centers, schools, travel agencies, social service providers and corporations, to name a few.

Transportation Department Employment Opportunities
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Energy Conservation

The ABCD, Inc. insulates 250 houses per year and installs 50 furnaces, through a contract with the Cleveland Housing Network, and funding primarily from the East Ohio Gas Company and government funding. All houses are furnished with carbon monoxide detectors.

Through a contract with the Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy and funding from Ohio Edison and First Energy, The ABCD, Inc. conducts electrical audits and when necessary, light bulbs and refrigerators are replaced.

The ABCD, Inc. has enabled the creation of a Minority firm which Insulates houses known as' Urban Green Solutions'

ABCD has recieved a grant from the Ohio Department of Administrative Services to operate an Emergency Home Repair service which provides emergency repairs to roofs, along with replacing hot water tanks and upgrading electrical and plumbing where needed.

Energy Efficiency Program Application
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Community Economic Development

The ABCD, Inc. operates the Center for Entrepreneurial Development. EANDC Property Management and The ABCD, Inc. administrative offices are two such organizations currently housed in the 12th Street offices. Located in The ABCD Inc. 13th Street offices and sponsored by The ABCD, Inc. is Auto, Inc. AUTO provides training for careers in the automotive industry. The ABCD, Inc. Dial-A-Ride also operates out of the facility and serves as the facility managers.
Join us today! Stark County Minority Business Association
ABCD, Inc. serves as sponsors and fiscal agent for the Stark County Minority Business Association
(SCMBA) - Office: 330.455.6385
In the summer of 2008, efforts were made to improve communications and enhance collaboration between minority businesses in Stark County and the Ohio Department of Development.

After several planning meetings, a minority business conference was held in Canton to address human resources and finance-related topics for minority business owners. Following the great success of this conference, it was agreed upon that a permanent organization should be established to act in the best interests of Stark County minority business owners. Thus, the Stark County Minority Business Association was born!

The vision of the SCMBA is to create a self-sustaining business community fueled by those members who have created sustainable business and jobs.

The mission of the SCMBA is to increase the opportunity for ethnic and racial minorities to participate in the free enterprise system through the procurement of contracts and the formation, development, and preservation of competitive minority businesses. Click to Join SCMBA Today!


Mr. Leonard Stevens, President - City Flooring and Design Center

Mr. Gary Barton, Vice-President - Owner B & G Construction

Mr. Will Dent, Secretary/Coordinator - The ABCD, Inc

Ms. Barbara Currence, Treasurer - A.B.L.E.

Ms. Kathy Baylock, Assistant Treasurer - W.A.T.O.E.S.

SCMBA Meeting
The group meets the third Wednesday, every other month.

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